A review of some Facebook.com games.

Hello and welcome readers! I would like to take this time to blog about some Facebook games, firstly let’s start with SimCity Social, and then we’ll cover The Ville and finally Marvel Avengers Alliances…

SimCity Social is a terrific little EA game made for Facebook, you have 24 Energy to start and you build up your city with residential zones (houses) that are 2×2 squares, and then there are businesses that are varying in lot sizes.You also have to worry about public safety,attractions, factories and decorations, the decorations increase population in a 2×2 – 4×4 area plus there is an indicator telling you the size of the population increase. The goal of this game is to have the largest population with the coolest stuff in the biggest area. There is also a freaky little alien landing site where you have to “work” on that by finding artifacts all around the borders of your city. These borders require “Land Permits” and city coins, which the “Land Permits” you get from your friends to “Expand” your city borders, straightforward enough. After certain population “benchmarks” are reached you open up more and more decorations, attractions, factories, businesses and public works, like the Fire stations and Police Stations. There are also Hospitals, Mini-Golf courses and other cool decorations like Graffiti walls. I should mention that right now since the London 2012 Olympics are running that the “SimCity Games” are in parallel to that, with special athletic decorations and a goal to get your “SportsCenter” up and running. There are special rewards for collecting from your athletics decorations and using the “drops” from that like “Speed”, “Stamina”, and “Power” to ensure that you will get a Gold medal in the “SimCity Games”, which are all very straightforward and easy to play. One con to this game is heavy “diamond” requirements on buildings and the like, Diamonds are your cash-value play money in this game and sometimes without a lot of them, if you are not adept at being creatively strategic, some players will reject playing this in the long term because it may seem too demanding. With all that being said I give this title a 3.5 out of 5 stars because it is somewhat “dull-dramatic” and for the requirements of the diamonds on things, overall it is an entertaining time-waster and I highly recommend it.

Now onto “The Ville” by infamous Zynga, this game is meant to parallel EA’s “The Sims Social” and does a good job of that. This game is a home building game with the subtitle “Build the home of your dreams!” where you have build up a home and have your real or otherwise Facebook friends come over and visit and there of course are interactions like eating together and watching TV together and dancing together and finally “Whoopie!” which is “Doing It!” together, albeit you have had your friends construct a “King-Sized” bed for you. So the items you can add to your home either cost coins, or some interaction items require that they be built with materials you find from visiting your friends or around your own home from other interaction items. You can expand your home with coins and friends to help you add the room, and you can expand your lot size with Land Expansion permits and coins, which the land expansion permits are obtained through interacting with your mailbox, This game gives you 17 energy which 1 energy is refilled every 5 mins so your energy is fully refilled every 1 hour and 15 mins. This game I give a 3 of 5 star because it is rather boring if you are not a girl/woman. The home design and remodeling game isn’t the one for men.

Finally, Marvel Avengers Alliances, a more manly game to follow the last one. In this you are an Agent for the S.H.I.E.L.D. which includes every Marvel superhero that is truly recognizable and every villain conceivable, This is a Strategy game made by the company Playdom, it is very entertaining and interactive. You start with Ironman and Black Widow to back you up and with purchasable Command Points you can buy bigger and badder superhero’s such as Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, and Spider-Man just to name a few, yes they vary in power and catastrophic damage, the best ones usually cost the most command points. You get sent out on Missions with your agent and 2 superheros, up to face Easy, Medium, Hard, Mini-Boss, and Boss difficulties, the bosses and mini-bosses are the recognizable villains and there sidekicks from all the comics. The missions all revolve around animated areas of New York city and require energy to complete all the way through, each part of the entire mission costs 10 energy to play, while you have a full load of 60 energy. There are 6 other elements to this game those include the Flight Deck, Research, PVP, The Store, Team-Management and monthly”Spec-Ops” where you play through using Unstable ISO-8 instead of Energy, which in “Spec-Ops” you are playing missions for special prizes and 1 time only superheros, this month currently it is Emma Frost, and many players are playing heavy in “Spec-Ops” to try and obtain her for their teams. The flight deck is used to send your superhero’s on “Money Missions” to bring you back some coins, the amounts depend on how long you send them out and the hero’s level determines the bonus amounts in increases of 5% per level, this is very useful and can be geared to where the player can still use their favorite hero’s in missions while some are sent out on flight missions. As for research, which I believe opens up at level 5, this allows the player to research new items for the store using S.H.I.E.L.D points (Purple Coins), which can be given to you as gifts from friends, found as drops in missions, or by visiting your friends cities daily. PVP (Player vs. Player) establishes you, the player as the dominant species, you can use your extra items and turn them into an advantage as a “PVP Bonus” which all items have a set value for Offense and Defense. In this mode you use your agent and top 2 superheros to go up against another player around the same level (no more then 3 levels below or above I believe), but there are not any use of items in battle allowed, just a pure battle of skills is what it is, son. The store of course is where you buy all your purchasable and coin-operated items and buffs, such as health packs, regeneration serums (restores health and stamina over time), cluster grenades (researched), weapons, armor, and ISO-8’s (Isotope 8), ISO-8 is a rare fictional substance found to increase the powers of non-mutant human beings, which are added to your battle-suits to give you permanent buffs on your various stats. Lastly, team-management is where you go to load out your ISO-8’s on your agent and other superhero’s, buy new superheros, level-up and train the ones you have, and manage your equipment load-out for weapons and battle-suits. As you may be able to tell this game is epic and deserved the largest review, so I give it 4 out of 5 total stars for it’s incredible design, playability and fun factor, however; it’s a little arduous at times and too time consuming so that knocked off a star.

Wow! I wrote a lot, I hope this was an informative and fun read, until next time.


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