Inside Tropical Storm Isaac

The Least of all Evils.

What a wuss! you are barely doing anything, saying you may become a Cat 2 by the time you reach my beloved Gulf Coast, you’re still a wimp, you don’t phase us.

This is what I told Tropical Storm Isaac today as it gives us a constant shower, I should say thank you but my first instinct is to cuss the storm as if it were a threat, then to praise it for it’s benefits, giving us a morose but relaxing day here in South Florida, it’s really not much to be sad about, it’s not much harder then average to get anywhere by vehicle, it’s a free day off of school but not off work, most employees are still working today as well as tommorow.

Dark City Night

A Generic Unrelated Photo of Hurricane or Less Force Winds in a Tropical City. – Copyright Reuters.


The only feasible catastrophe this storm could produce would have to be a rare phenomenon called a “turn around” where it would travel up the west coast of Florida while gaining strength to the Louisiana basin, and finally crash back down harder falling down into the caribbean sea after gusting and pissing on us quite hard, this has happened once before of which I do not know when.

That seems to be about all to say about this storm so far, will have updates tonight and tommorow morning, until then enjoy the rain!.



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