Politico Economico: The Change of Times

What are we about as a people now? 

Money! unfortunately and sales, most businesses and artful intelligence anymore seems to be geared around money, worldwide. What ever happened to the age of Discovery, we are starting to defeat it, so it seems.

We are in the information age beyond the age of discovery, and I think it is more like the too much information age, everybody knows everything to where everything becomes cliche and blase blah, now culture seems to be about hipness and swagger, getting laid with lots of money, sad for us philosopher’s and intelligent people we don’t get no play this way.

More Money, More Sex = More Power, I theorized this is what life was about anymore many years ago, there is no romance, chivalry, integrity, discovery, creativity, sense ability, compassion, or need for common respect or appreciation for anything it seems.

I blame a lot of this on popular gangsta rap and music that carries a thug life or street life mentality, rappers these days rap about their endowment and money and more money sex and power just like I thought, how terribly sad of society to be falling back on a sadistic hedonistic depreciating mentality. it seems we gave up on the sciences and arts or need for education or talent in anything really.

We are receding to our cave minds, hording our riches, no longer sharing or exploring anything intelligent or progressive to a prosperous future. We just follow the rappers mindset of self-absorbed personal gain blindly and if we are evil enough to step on the poor man’s back to get ahead those are the sad ones that get rich and move forward.

Now off the focus on rap, onto the title, Politico Economico: The Change of Times, what does that mean, Economico being a made up word to mock latin, and Barack Obama, I voted for him and I wanted him to have a good chance, most liberals (as am I) are saying he had to clean up Bush’s mess, I believe that but I thought he may be a “token” president because of his race, and that is not to be racist myself at all, but it may have been a secret societal concept among other “bigger wig” political authorities.

You see since he was our first non-white (not completely anyway) President, many racist nazi people in America didn’t like that, I believed maybe he was hired on by the rest of the U.S. Government to prove to America we can do something different. However; now with there only being two candidates left, Romney and Obama, very little people other then conservative nazis are going to want to vote for Romney, I personally am going to vote for Obama again to give him more time to clean up shitty president retarded Texas cowboy G.W. Bush’s mess of baby diarrhea on America. I believe he needs more time, and so should most people.

This goes back to money, in some massive and deeply intricate way the government of america has created a massive web-scheme to do weird complicated shit to us as human beings, and it’s effecting the rest of the world. Who knows why I just think we have lost touch with the arts and education of our minds no matter who we are we are becoming a idiotic, fashionista  society with our freedom being too free now. Calm down people we need to go back to the Family Guy theme song “But what of those good, old-fashioned values, on which we used to rely?”

MEDICAL COMPLAINTS! Ok, formal Education for becoming a doctor is going away, DAMMIT! this means more doctors and hospitals being ran like businesses and if you don’t have the right insurance they refuse to discover your lymphoma or lung cancer! crap! now that means more people dying at home of lung cancer and heart attacks? Fuck you america! we suck on health care like that, it’s not totally about pay out’s from insurance, it’s also about young bucks getting medical degrees from 3rd, 4th, and 5th chance institutions. It’s not all their fault either, don’t worry Docs I’m about to stand up for your workload.

YOU FUCKING DRUG ADDICTS! excuse you, you pieces of shit looking to flood our hospitals with bug bites and minor scratches to get pain killers, now every hospital drops all patients painkillers of some sort with their prompt discharge, because selfish idiots looking for free drugs come in and cry about a mosquito bite, flooding the ER beds, making the ER docs and nurses doubt everyone with serious diseases and infections and cancers and fucking everything next to ambulance intakes that include severed limb or DOA.

So now no one gets shit done again cause everyone is a selfish bastard, here back to Rap.

Now before I sound racist I have heard from many african-american people that other african-decent rappers or profiteers from other cultures are pissing them off doing their greedy dirt, and taking advantage of any system worldwide to get their own greedy way. So it doesn’t go for all of you and for me to be racist I would have to include all of one skin-color or race not species remember “We are all one race, Human!” is for tree-hugging vegans to say, intelligent people that are not potheads don’t agree, it’s “We are all one Species, Human!” sorry morons because you didn’t graduate high school doesn’t mean you know better, those in High School or Middle School Biology class know that human is not a race, rather a species.

In fact we are the only species with races, so instead of race we should refer to it as classification, and maybe break that into two sub-divisions only, Greedy Humans, and Giving/Caring Humans. I am actually pissed off at greedy people and ignorant people that fight, commit crimes, promote violence, promote idiocy, promote sexism, and promote the love of money over everything else.

Some of you may read this and say “why bitch!” and I say “Why Not!” take life like this, when it’s good your singing it’s praises, when it’s bad for you, you are going to complain as well. Also think that if you were in hell with no way out, or life in prison with no chance for parole, it actually is in your better interest to bitch and complain and to annoy everyone to hell around you, because and said point “what do you have to lose”. In prison they may shank you and in hell you’ll burn more, but it’s not gonna be any better if you don’t complain either way.

Of course on the other hand when all is well you can choose to gloat and boast about how great your shit smells, to the she grin of everyone else around just an inkling lesser then you at the moment. I am a realist and I go with the flow, whatever my mood or how I am doing I am going to conform to the effect, however; one difference is if I were doing well I may either share or not brag about it too much, I might care about how others feel and I might refrain from doing things that pissed those lesser at the moment off.

In summary this is where we stand and what we can do to do better is, take others into consideration, don’t fend for 100% your own gain any longer, rather make it the majority portion of your own gain, and the minority portion for others as well, and thus the world may become a better place.


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