Short Stories

Tales from the Trailer Park: Volume 1

pon  ntrospective it is safe to say this place has changed greatly over the years, we started out calm and quiet, when I came along in 2001 with a pool and respectful people. It was in the summer of 2001 I started to practice tai chi by that pool, and I knew no one. We were known as Imperial Estates mobile home park, back then there were constructive personal gatherings in that pool.

A few weeks into practice I met one of the neighborhood younglings, he was a kind christian fellow with good moral fiber and mature behavior, he was often accompanied by his slightly younger friend who I have remained close friends with today, I took liberty to initiate some conversations with them as there was no one else to meet. We spoke of religion and my newfound christian friend warned me that faith was important with the simple realization “better safe then sorry”, of which I was not spiritual at the time so I didn’t heed well his warning, albeit duly noted.

ater into the weeks ahead, I introduced the younglings as I did myself to the Microsoft XBOX, and Halo, of which became the first true cult following of the series, many days were spent at my modest abode playing Halo along with other (now historic) titles for the Microsoft XBOX, as fights have broken out over the championship of this and other titles, we strived for unity and congregation amongst the crew of trailer park younglings.

any of us have now gone our separate ways, looking forward to more of this story, stick around for episode 2!


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