And hear is some real seeing. (aka. Farseer)

The hear part, just to be catchy, but what am I truly Farseeing, well the End of the World to tell you the truth, why? Well it all doesn’t have to do with just one culture and their long count calender, it does not have to mean forever it could just mean “as we know it”, so worldwide natural disasters or zombie apocalypses would not obliterate the planet of all life. We would recover from any significant tragedy that was put before us, albeit could be very very painful (Zombie Apocalypse).

But we as humans just need one giant SPANKING. and I’ll include myself but blame byproduct, we are such a self-absorbed, materialist, sadist, masochistic, TMI, amoral. negative, and realist society jacked into the internet hopelessly. That is America, fighting over it’s Tabs and Pads, sounds like poor women fighting over feminine hygiene products, and the modern tough daddy has enough Money for himself to have the Pad while the rest of his family has the phone set, showing modern male chauvinism unnamed company losing the battle to other unnamed companies (commercial).

The TMI, well I am retarded, and I summarized this all in two paragraphs and one sentence, to write a book really means stretching your story, my brain may be too dysfunctional now as a by-product of society and I also don’t have any readers as is, so this is all a mental note anyway.


* Although, it would be real cool in a couple months, during the time of the apocalypse recovery project, that someone found a loose “Tab” maybe with this very page open on it. Then officials would be like “Oh Wait this guy called it!, let’s find him and give him a reward or something, oh my God someone knew!”


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