This really saddens me and I just wanted to add a reply for myself, the first one I wrote was crazy so this is an edit, but still to JohnDoe, calling the author of the blog a “whiny little bitch”, JohnDoe whoever you are which is left a convenient mystery for your protection, good for your protection because you would never call me a “whiny little bitch” on the streets of South Florida, you would deeply regret it, no need to call that a threat since you are unknown, you can see who I am so please encounter me to fulfill my promise, I don’t care if your MMA either, most of those guys are “whiny little bitches” too.

So the point is point, blank, period, Cops were abusive and should lose their shields, it is more then well known the law protects itself here in Florida so judge was doing what he was used to defending cowards that is, and we as humans should now be a little more worried as there is certain proof now of Illumnati, Secret Society and that The Bush Empire is part of it, scary.

Ruined My Life

If the people, weather, and election rigging weren’t enough for you, here is another reason to avoid stepping foot in Florida. State officials decided that the use of the Taser against the don’t tase me bro guy was justified. What a bunch of idiots! I commented on the video a while back here. Maybe I’m blind, but I think its clear that these cops acted well outside the law and their abusive behavior should have resulted in their being fired.

As a result, the entire state of Florida is my asshole of the week.

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