Hydromorphone (HCI) and it’s Paranoia

Hydromorphone Hydro-chloride Injection (HCI) is now the gold standard IV Analgesic of choice in all or most U.S. Hospitals, but because it is a CII or Schedule II Narcotic (Habit-Forming), there is quite a deal of controversy behind it, most ER docs and nurses love it, it keeps the ER quiet so they can do their work and each dose makes a fine profit from the hospital bill, most patients love it, it nukes the pain away and helps them feel better, however; and sadly the CII/Schedule II Narc problem.

Some people want Dilaudid 8mg tabs on the outro from the hospital, and most likely will not receive anything that strong, most of that some want RX for Dilaudid 8mg tabs from their PCP, but the DEA doesn’t like any of those people, since all opioids are opium poppy seed based, and America has a huge stock cache of crops for Opium Poppy Seeds domestically, in Canada and America, why is the DEA concerned?

Because some eccentric retards OD bang (Overdose Self-inject) the D8’s crushed in 100 units water, but can’t hit just once, too high tolerance, the solution is to slow down, go through your withdraws dammit, handle a day of dope-sickness, and just bang one on Saturdays and Sundays.

That’s the solution for the addicts, then through that some weird mean surprisingly young ER docs won’t cry and get paranoid summoning their Evil ER cop to the room with the “IV Drug Seeker” in question and send a possible literal trauma patients through more terror, by scaring the living shit out of him or her under the hospitals Anti-DEA investigation policy, the more the true seekers do at one time, the higher their tolerance is going to go, forcing them to seek by more often then not idiotic and obvious approaches.

So if someone comes in the ER with elevated BP high systolic and full body sweat, profuse hyperhidrosis from the forehead, maximum pupal dilation, and cringing from the area of pain, usually the head or the abdomen or both, then yes definitely admin IV HM HCI  one dose without infection or admit. If admit the usual 2mg q4h prn (2 millgrams every 4 hrs as needed). Avoid your investigations, simple.

I personally only go to the hospital for serious infection that requires IV antibiotics with related pain (Infections like Forneigh’s Gangrene (which requires surgery and Med-Vac *gross*)), or anything related to that severity. I know I truly detest false accusations just because I have a med-history where they have given me the gold standard and on PRN. It’s a real terror of propaganda.

If you do visit the hospital, make sure it is legit and severe, and only ask for pain meds when it is truly unbearable, you don’t want to make even by accident, the frequent flyer list, Nurses get angry easy due to high workloads, and since so many are young good lookers, it has the young ER docs practicing Shamanistic chivalry instead of Medicine. Note to young ER docs, most young good looking nurses are unavailable bro, so can the evil chivalry please.

And if you aren’t brought in by the EMTs, but you feel you have to go to hospital for something pain related, and you notice Sheriff ER staff, not just hired Security, but Sheriff of your county, from a big truck outside, and is 6′ 5″ pure muscle, do yourself a favor and go to next nearest ER. Cops are bound to the book, and don’t know how to care even if you look legit.


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