Mugwort, Florida – Stay Away.

Mugwort is the name for what Florida is, Muggy, a unique wet hot climate, do you want to visit the land of the petri dish? hey are beaches aren’t that great, we overprice everything yo, I think the businesses have to, we see the worst of the recent recession.

The beaches aren’t that great because they aren’t that clean, I’ll tell you we have aquamarine green foamy tides ok, the sand has lots of debris and is brown, so no white sands or pristine blue water here ok, don’t get busted for not paying your extensive parking fees either.

I think we need to bring down the tourism level actually, and it’s really weird a lot of our tourists are from Cleaner more pristine beaches just to name a few would be Brazil, Cuba, Spain, Portugal, The West Indies, Mexico, and Hollywood, CA.

But everyone gets the grandeur that is Will Smith’s bill, love you Willy will but the um cost of Carpaccio and Courversier goes to the locals too boss. For our state to keep bringing in money only helps the rich get richer, making power-conservatives, that make driving a real chore cause you break a law every mile by complete accident, me and a few others are ace mechanics and can drive like ninjas. But the tourists certainly get confused. Run on sentencing whatever.

Here we have sector of state coffer increasing traffic regulation, this means the stop lights stay red longer, why does that increase state coffers? sure Income tax is 6 cents on a dollar, but… the long lights cause over-idling which is the fastest way to consume your gas or raise your cab fare, public transportation is over-crowded on busy routes so that’s not a fun option/alternative. Since everything even Gas is taxed, having to gas up more and pay more for a cab then elsewhere causes the increase in revenue  to the State Government.

Thank you for listening.


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