Somewhere I Belong – Seattle

Mount Rainier, WA to the Southeast of Seattle, WA, closer to Tacoma, WA this is a beautiful mountain.

I feel that Seattle, WA is somewhere I belong, I would love to live there for the rest of my days, it is majestic and wonderful, most modern contemporary luxury homes are built there especially in the downtown area and Mercer Island, this area of the United States and the world probably has very clean air, I know has wonderful vistas, has the best coffee which could convert me to a caffeine junkie (even though I am not a coffee connoisseur by any means as it is), beautiful women, great food, and is one of the friendliest places on earth.

Seattle's Space Needle.

2nd to none compared to Aurora Borealis.

Just look at what such a beautiful city has created, I can feel like I     am in a whole other world all the time living in Seattle, WA…

I know my morale would increase somewhere like here, I would enjoy being wealthy in a city of this magnificence, all the great grunge bands hail from Seattle, all the great minds also, including Bill Gates and Starbucks, The Food must be great sitting next to the pacific ocean, the nightlife I know is great, the night sky is often lit up magically with all the varying colors of city light while the crisp, clean air feels good on your skin and maximizes your oxygen levels, not restricting blood flow to the brain, further expanding my comfort and creativity to the maximum.

I admire the architecture so much more then South Florida’s old moldy Spanish-colonial style, as I prefer crisp, clean and modern minimalist color schemes and textures that Seattle is somewhat well known for, I know music, inspiration, and creativity are encouraged in this town as well.

Not that I would invade in this way so willingly, but I think being homeless in such an adventurous city would be preferable to anywhere else in the U.S.A.

Pike's Place Farmer's Market

Historic Semi-Open air Farmer’s Market, Pike’s Place.

I remember Harry and the Henderson’s taking place in Seattle, especially the scene where Harry was looking over the busy highway staring off into the mountains, he was hungry and scared, unlike Harry, being so hungry is not such a problem in a port city like Seattle, it does lead out from channels spilling north away from Puget Sound into the Pacific Ocean, allowing for such great imports as Pacific Seafood, and other imports from the Far East.

Take example of the open air farmer’s market, historically known as Pike’s Place Market, where whole fish tossing became a locally recognized sport, this is obviously a wonderful places to shop and eat, as well as sample some of the best locally grown ingredients.

While I have this temporary obsession with this great city other then my own, I just hope I can reside there one day, and for the rest of my days, I hope to god I have plenty.

Seattle is my Blue Heaven.


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