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Shameless Promotion: Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a great massively multiplayer online game.

Now free to play online, for your Windows-based PC, if it is for Mac or Linux it shouldn’t be, cause I hate Apple and Linux is for hackers, we don’t need any hackers in game thanks.

Relatively bug free, this game completes the entire Star Trek Universe, every aspect of Gene Roddenberry’s amazing saga is implemented perfectly into a free-roaming, ever-expanding, endless fun, very complete MMORPG/FPS *massively multiplayer Role-Playing Game/First Person Shooter.* However; this title is not for unskilled gamers, this is a Gamer’s Game, very techniically advanced and complicated for any inexperienced gamer, if you suck at computer games, meaning mouse and keyboard nerdy things, this game is not for you.

If you are an uber-nerd, rock on cause you will be in heaven! most likely if you are a Nerd you have enjoyed at least 1 series in the Star Trek saga, mine would be TNG (The Next Generation) with Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean Luc Picard, and Johnathan Frakes as Lt. Comm. William T. Ryker, other notables of my series are Levar Burton as Lt. Comm. Geordi La Forge (Ship’s Engineer), Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data (Ship’s Unique Species Android – great underrated actor) and Micheal Dorn as Lt. Commander Worf (Ship’s First Tactical and Security Officer) – who is an domesticated Klingon working for an within The United Federation of Planets (The Good Guys).

To give you the full rundown of this game would fill a book, which Brady Games TM has probably already published, but I can offer a brief synopsis.

With a leveling system much like World of Warcraft in base structure but much more rewarding in design, you start at level 1 Lieutenant for the Federation, working your way through the stars and tutorial missions to level 10 Lieutenant Commander, then 10 – 20 Commander, 20 – 30 to Captain, 30 – 40 to Rear Admiral, finally 40 – 50 to Vice Admiral and eventually beyond.

There is so much to do and so much to see with both battles taking place in Space (using your customizable star ship) and on the ground (Your captain (character) and up to 4 other away team members in Player vs. Environment (PVE) battles, or Player vs. Other Player (PVP) the latter is often just your captain.

Of course there are skill buffs and consumables you buy in quantity to use in Battle. The story is well written which will make you feel like your in your own episode of Star Trek per every mission, and there is even a Foundry which can be downloaded and used to create your own missions from scratch for other players to test and review.

The verdict is this game does get 5 out of 5 stars for very few bugs, great gameplay, balanced gameplay, no hacks or cheaters cause there is no way to do so, great player community and player run economy, amazing graphical design and customization options for slower computers, idealistically you will want to have a nicer computer but an older one (up to 3-4 years old) may suffice, a Dual-Core processor with a dedicated graphics card with 256 MB of RAM is the minimum requirement at within 3-4 hours steady play time if you are using an laptop and you haven’t mastered your advanced graphical settings, your Lappy will get very hot and freeze-fry and require a reboot, it hasn’t exploded on me yet but fail-safe recovery on this PC does kick in every 5-6 hours steady. So just monitor your G-card heat vents and if it can fry and egg, turn off the game for 15 mins then log back in, it auto-saves your place all the time and at a convenient Respawn point so you’ll never lose too much progress, even for having to force reboot.


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