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Being Insulin Dependent.

Anyone non-diabetic may wonder what it is to be diabetic, well here’s the answer from a Diabetic.

  1. Hyperglycemia (How it feels)
  2. Hypoglycemia (How it feels)
  3. Insulin
  4. Variable Immuno-compromisation (Comparison to AIDS)
  5. The KNOWN types
  6. The rare unknown type

Hyperglycemia (How it feels)

Hyperglycemia means high blood glucose levels measured at milligrams per milliliter contained in Blood Samples called Glucose Tests, requiring a finger prick (I don’t complain about these) and a Meter. Surely you have seen commercials about these. 

But a sugar spike is hard to analyse in feeling, I recently came about the verbalization of it’s feeling from a nurse at the hospital as my sugar level was well over 400, I have had a meter once read “HI” which got me admitted. What she said was, “we gotta bring your sugar down so you don’t feel so Weak and Gross, now Grandpa War-Monger may smock at this and say “Well I have been through 3 wars, and until you do that you can’t feel this way!”, this is a heavy heavy baneful feeling of Weak and Gross, like your blood turns to glue and everything becomes really hard to do.

Like grandpa war-monger felt in that 3rd war, when he was being healed from that nerve gas shock. Eating is out of the question, and your healing goes down, better hurry and go take your insulin so you can feel better.

Hypoglycemia (How it feels)

While hyperglycemia is a long drawn out effect and the inability to heal effect is there, making an infection or cold/flu take weeks to heal and every cut as well. Hypoglycemia (Low-Blood Sugar) is the silent killer, this is the one causing the heart attacks, if your sugar is too low too long you can have a heart attack, stroke, or die. A sudden and massive feeling of intense anxiety with uncontrollable shaking of your limbs is a sure sign of low blood sugar, also general body-wide weakness. Immediately sit down, take deep slow breaths, and drink some Orange Juice or eat a candy bar to bring your sugar back to normal. If you have a sugar spike (Up) as a result, take half a prescribed dose of insulin to bring it back to normal again.


This brings us to a diabetics, well known but expensive little friend. If you are a  new type II diabetic you probably just take glucose pills, lucky you but just wait. In a year you will join the insulin club, where up to 4 times a day you will have to inject yourself with a small needle in the stomach or the arm or leg, in the fattiest of those areas. Muscle shots as they are called hurt more so fat shots are better. The problem here is the regimen really, for those of us who are tough and don’t mind the shots either, the regimen can be arduous, if we have to take 4 a day sometimes we miss that cause it can be hard to keep up. This required medicine is also expensive, if you have insurance you may pay $30.00 every 2 weeks just for instant release, but the bedtime dose (slow release) is also $30.00 every two weeks. so that’s $120.00 a month insurance or not, and if you have no insurance or medicaid (vials and syringe only), you may have to pay more, and most of us aren’t rich like that an stumbled upon this disease by accident, not because we are rich and wanted it.

Variable Immuno-compromisation (Comparison to AIDS)

Alright so if your a Type II Diabetic you will have to deal with both the ups and downs, any infection, cold, or flu will mess with your pancreas also even if you A1c (3-month average) is poster boy for the ADA (American Diabetes Association) and you get a cut with an infection in it, your in for two weeks to a month of flux horror. Flux horror my special term for aggravated diabetics heavy spikes and lows making your body not your mind insane, a big, long, painful sick process. Often confusing Doctor’s into calling you Fat!… really mean but the repeat ER visits confuses them. Doctors have told me numerous times it’s a “Double-Edge Sword”  when a “good” diabetic gets an infection.

A.I.D.S is God’s Anti-Lust mechanism, and Diabetes is God’s Anti-Glutony mechanism.

The above takes deep insight, but is so true, since Cancer is more of a definite death sentence then Diabetes or A.I.D.S can be.

But ummmm it’s doesn’t always mean a sweet tooth and weight problem as the cause for Type II, wait for it..

The KNOWN types

  • Type I – Born with it (Gestational)
  • Type II – Diabetes Mellitus or Sudden Onset (From being an obese cookie monster (no kidding))
  • Type III (Below)

Now before I get to my own dull surprise I gotta say that all the doctors love to condemn the Obese Type II by saying (ya know, if you lose weight you lose diabetes) but they don’t know that diabetes is so debilitating that it just became 10x harder to lose weight, oh but wait what about Weight Loss Surgery, heh, back to the only for the rich clause. Nuff said.

The Rare Unknown Type III

I have always been obese, but never a cookie monster, but I was for awhile an alcoholic, and all alcohol that gets you drunk is sugar-alcohol, so yes I got diabetes and a chloecystectomy (gall bladder – out!) from drinking too much, which also should eliminate Splenda as an safe alternative from me because since “it tastes like sugar because it is made from sugar!” means Splenda is Sugar-Alcohol (I am a chronic label reader).

I have been a candidate for the Rout-en-Y gastric bypass but got Psychiatric denial on the cause aforementioned of my diabetes, dumb douche-bag psychologist down here in south Florida.

So am I crazy, yes quite a bit, but all from pain and despair, Diabetes is a bitch, don’t let Milford Brimley or whoever his name is (Colonel Mustard from the Clue Movie) make you think we are just a bunch of whiners, no…

Our organs sour and die slowly and most doctors tend to discriminate us, giving routine textbook advise, but it is rather senseless to theorize the vast array of intricities of such a complex disease.

To the ADA, and anyone else official possibly reading this now or in the future, consider that not all Type II are Sweet-toothed brand large people, that maybe we got this still heavily underestimated, underrated, and under-studied complex disease some other mysterious way.


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