When Life Becomes Boring — Not Just for Married Couples

OK, I am a man, so you’re getting the man’s perspective only.

I am 33 years old and this is a reference point to age as a factor.

To me the entertaining aspects of life include…

  • Being Healthy
  • Faith and Fatal Awareness (We can die anytime, where do we go?)
  • Being Comfortable (Most often includes money to buy comfort)
  • Happiness (Cause Sadness/Pain/Bad Emotions – All Suck)
  • Pleasure (From Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll [Now Digital Entertainment], and Food.)

Albeit only 5 generalizations, these include a summary, everything else is a subdivision of the top five aforementioned generalizations. 

Let’s talk Love, is that entertaining? not really, it has it’s ups and downs and is reserved for God’s greatly orchestrated plan to keep most of his followers within routine protocols. When you need love or marriage (everything else technically is lust), it is because you are devoid of completeness (thank you Jerry McGuire), but is it even possible to complete yourself (back to God’s great protocol plan).

Well.. probably not, think about the condom, or contraceptive, it is there to…

  1. Prevent Babies
  2. Reduce Risk Factor of STDs

So it leads back to a logical conclusion that when you find a partner capable of having babies, that anytime you insert your phallus into the vulva at all, the whoopsie is supposed to happen and out pops that wedlock. Leading to unhappy marriage especially amongst couples that can’t afford an official orthodox wedding, and that is important for without, you did not wed before God. If you do not wed before God you will have to try rather hopelessly for his blessings, just as much as slaving over the pyramids.

For Men our penises most certainly must enter the vagina or else we get the boredom complex, now Women do make it so they are seen as “on the pedestal”, but they make the mistake of giving it away to Mr. Muscles instead of Mr. Brains. Brains get the bigger paycheck down the road which is the intent of the women at the core of it all, because most Women are Gold-Diggers well, unless they are Ditch Diggers (Mr. Muscles). 

Due to the General Population reaching it’s limits there is an issues with no need for anymore babies, so God (not the Devil) is raising the bar for everyone to be a superhero, or remain lame and suffer in despair and self-loathing for eternity, which is turn makes everything boring and life just sucks.

Now… there is a wonderful trifecta of a solution to this complicated conundrum, and it is 



FUCK! What Berkeley professors who have money and power say that Money doesn’t buy you happiness, it most certainly does, and it is what makes the world go round and is the root of all evil, this simple venn diagram above should clearly illustrate how, with a little more explanation I will further certify my theory.

If you have a lot of Money, you can travel… and eat better food, buy a bigger house with more comfortable bedding, jacuzzis (hydrotherapy) believe it or not can slowly melt and reduce arterial blockage because your body wide fat loosens as it becomes warm or lightly boiled. 

Money also grows a broken penis and mends a broken heart with men  because then you can procure more high-end escorts to massage your penis back to it’s full vigor and sheen.

I am sure the content of what you can obtain with the all mighty dollar or euro is well thought out in your own imagination, but this is to confirm unfortunate as it is, it is all important.


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