Spice or K2 ~ More than a Alternative to Marijauna

Spicetards or ‘Space Travellers‘ are gonna hate me but I gotta get this out, and hey at least I ain’t snitchin’ to the Feds boo.

Spice or Alternative marijuana is a comprehensively illusive semi legal high.

Potheads that have been busted for distributing or illegal sale who recently got out of jail or are too burnt out to be discreet any longer are turning to obtaining this incredibly space alien shit. Half of the population that has tried it cannot deny it is painful and very unnerving, dreadfully toxic and is not worth smoking at all to obtain a high, because it is more of a pain then a high. The other half… makes us wonder…

The people that do get high and enjoy spice or K2 have a different chemical makeup than the rest of the world. I should note that the 50% that can’t handle it could be a larger percentage, this is just a rough estimation.

The government of the U.S.A is very aware of the dangerous effects of this weed alternative and the short of the list I have conveniently posted here for my readers.

A Rapidly Emerging Threat

  • Synthetic cannabinoids in herbal incense products were first detected in the United States in November 2008, by the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) forensic laboratory.  These products were first encountered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  • According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, 2,906 calls relating to human exposure to synthetic marijuana were received in 2010. Twice that number (6,959) were received in 2011, and 639 had been received as of January 2012 (see chart at right).
  • According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, the number of calls related to bath salt exposure received by poison control centers across the country increased by more than 20 times in 2011 alone, up from 304 in 2010 to 6,138 (see chart at left).

Risk to the Public Health

  • Health warnings have been issued by numerous State and local public health authorities and poison control centers describing the adverse health effects associated with the use of synthetic cannabinoids, substituted cathinones, and their related products.
  • The effects of synthetic marijuana include agitation, extreme nervousness, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia (fast, racing heartbeat), elevated blood pressure, tremors and seizures, hallucinations, and dilated pupils.  Similar to the adverse effects of cocaine, LSD and methamphetamine, bath salt use is associated with increased heart rate and blood pressure, extreme paranoia, hallucinations, and violent behavior, which causes users to harm themselves or others.


And now I am citing this information for full legality here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/ondcp/ondcp-fact-sheets/synthetic-drugs-k2-spice-bath-salts


So Ok… back on me…

After reading that and perhaps following the link for more details, you the hopefully non spice addicted reader can conclude it is pretty freakin’ serious.

If you are spice addicted and reading this I can tell you what you are probably thinking…

  • Nah man don’t let this guy call the feds. I need my fix today

My friend, your fix is worse than crack and the Devil may be telepathically communicating to you    seek mental help now!

  • This guy’s lying…

Did you notice all you could think was lying? try and remember a bigger word than lying, if you can’t try hard to remember step 1.


So what does spice really do? uh huh… it limits your short term memory and long term memory worse than anything else ever has, even weed. So therefore it is far less safe than weed. In fact that’s not all. Here’s a short story.

Hubcap James Williams was a burnout, he grew up on weed and loves nothing more than weed, he is the Movie Half Baked with a miserably sad ending instead.

Hubcap had a wife, her name was Venus, but they became wed out of wedlock because he used Saran Wrap on his penis.

Hubcap and Venus loved weed, they loved weed more than their own children and of course themselves.

The state in which they lived noticed this… it wasn’t hard to see, so they took Hubcap and Venus 3 babies.

One of the children preferred it because she was older and knew her mommy was really sick, and worse off was both her daddies.

Not only did they get taken, but Hubcap kept on about makin’ the same mistakes that got the kids taken away in the first place.

Venus tried hard to change her ways, she had friends that suffered with her for endless days.

Hubcap was sick, and demonically twisted, so he had to find an alternative to complete his most disgusting mission, to ruin his wife and her friends lives, who cared very much for Venus but always had to despise poor Hubcap who always complained about everything little thing that went wrong when he earned that shame.

So Hubcap found spice, and boy it was nice for him, as he tortured his wife to try it, and of course she would buy it for him and his lies led to her and his demise, and he gained mind control of his wife, to slowly end her life, through misery and sadness and more lies to cover their asses.

Spice can be used as a mind control device…

By sick ‘fail’ men who don’t even try to do better. So weak and miserable they can’t even take one for the team, they gotta drag down all others who care about them.

These are pseudonyms for three friends of mine who I held dear that are still lost in that trap of his… I feel bad and sorry for them all the time, like high schoolers in the wake of their own miserable guilt. They still try and blame others and feel better then others to compensate for their constant repeated mistakes.

My experience in this product goes beyond the witness of 3 people, these are just the 3 most affected, there are about 20 more people I can base the hypothesis of the effects on. And I see constant sales in and out of local gas stations and Qwik E styles marts.

I wish a central authority could put better control on it, but the makers of it change the formulas of it every time the FDA/DEA gets a hold of it. Essentially a restriction to the makers or the people that can purchase these products should be in place, or a simple restriction from loose incense would be an ideal, since either the bath salts (crack form) or herbal incense (weed form) are said to be incense, they could outlaw bath salts from convenience stores and outlaw herbal incense that is not in stick burning or cone burning form. That’d solve it, cause then neither ‘loose’ form is available to ‘smoke’.



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