Florida Flaccanese – Source of New Psychos.


Flacca – the newest designer drug to hit the streets of America, and somehow in someway the source of global hysteria.

Smoked, Eaten, IVed or snorted this mysterious chemical cocktail is designed to cheaply ($5.00 produces at least 2 hours of high) give the user the effects of speed

Although some users, most typically the unwilling (sprinkled cigarette) or the severely under-educated have exorbant, ridiculous reactions and I’m sure by now we have all heard them or even witnessed them.

The odor is very easily detectable, for an edge on the takedown, keep your noses open for the aroma closest to paint thinner, and you will  catch a flaccanese in the act.

With awareness we can put an end to cheap, easy, abundant, stupidfying highs and thus save the world. Berid the Flacca, Save the world.


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