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New bugs in the butt, alien parasites invade your boils, it is not just you, says experts.

Got stinky big boils under your butt and in your groin from peeing inside yourself and sitting on your bum all day? Do they smell like wet, clumpy, flea-invested mangy dog hair under a 200-degree dryer? And are they constantly invading your body at random times no matter how fat or skinny you are, or how active or not you are?

Don’t worry it’s not your problem, want proof, get your ass over to Google Earth and examine the globe, it’s a misshapen blob now as well, every 6 months the global satellite shots are resnapped, so this would be a Winter 2016 image, maybe even Summer I’m not sure, no matter, clearly the heating of the planet is literally changing it’s shape on a now rapid basis.


Brand new photo of Google Earth and upon closer examination one can see the postmark on the bottom and which satellites it was, next is an Africa angle, but anyone can see the odd shape starting on Africa’s side, also bear in mind there isn’t a huge catalog of mistakes from Google Earth, it is a comprehensive and trustworthy image made from 100s of Satellites orbiting for real, up there in the sky.


Look at how Tan that bitch is, (Tan = Empty, Dry, Desert), and still we see the odd curve on the right side, this is best compared to a water droplet facing a blow dryer, you notice that water droplet bends in a little, well look E was we have here. 

Grow MRSA on a petri-dish, and drop that petri-dish in a pool of radiation, and you get 10-foot tall molecules. That’s what is happening to your body, Mutation, some creative minds in Hollywood already indeed know this, that is why the onslaught of X-Men movies. So our boils are untreatable and filled with primordial puss, and eventually we actually all are gonna die from heat and extinction here on Earth. Why don’t we share all our few remaining resources with those that can take the heat?



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