Misdiagnosis – Murder

The Medical Industry is powered by greed in some cities.

I can attest for misdiagnosis in South Florida, Miami-dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties that is fueled by the doctoral need for greed and money over quality patient care, Misdiagnosis is also critical, and fueled by the pretentious progressive city desire for the attainment of huge medical bills over the physicians code designed to help any and all patients. 

There is NOT a opioid or benzodiazepine or antibiotic epidemic, this is a misnomer created by Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta, both master douches of epic proportions, why these guys came out and said that all opioid analgesics are a problem only hampers the hospitals quality of care, making them inadequate and incapable of quelling the patients true and significant pain. 

Horrible television shows like The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead have made all of the medical industry fearful of treating patients with infectious diseases caused by environments such as South Florida (the everglades is an AIRBOURNE petri-dish! Rife with airborne disease!) they literally have secrets only told to privileged officials of unwillingness to continue to treat patients with life-saving and necessary IV anti-biotics such as vancomycin in literal unrealistic fear of creating Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria, keep in mind the only reason to fear such a thing is literally to fear creating the onset of a Zombie Apocalypse, for the theory is that if bacterial infections of any course adapt to antibiotics they themselves will eventually become immune causing the hosts to become immune and eventually carry untreatable disease, escalating of course to a zombie like effect and thus spreading globally. 

So this means more and more suffering in the United States, where we pay Not to suffer, why buy into Medical Insurance Coverage if you are just going to be told you are stupid by a team of so-called experts, these experts are in it for the money now and you are Not ignorant, in fact often times you may know more than them because their protocols and regulations have led to them following an all too regulated code that restricts each patient from receiving what used to be all too common proper levels of care, now these care levels are better performed in less pretentious countries such as Canada, Brazil, and much of Europe.

Below are a few pictures of the sub-standard care NOT provided by the Emergency Department patient rooms at Broward General Hospital around Late February of this year.


Now as you can see the ER Room provided a super sub-standard CHAIR that reclined and not an Standard Issue ER Bed. This is sub-standard protocol for the premier hospital of Broward County, which is Middle-to-upper-class South Florida, imagine all the people PAYing for insurance that receive this quality of service, wow! I am writing for all those that are severely misdiagnosed by the Medical Industry and are PAYING for it.

It took me moving to another state entirely to receive the critical diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease, I also went misdiagnosed for Scabies which was given to me by a friend’s dog, Coronary Artery Disease requires quadruple bypass surgery as my primary artery is diseased and dying with triple blockage, I am gonna die without medical care, but in South Florida and other pretentious/progressive cities like it I would have died suddenly in the street, creating nasty body litter.

With that being said imagine how many people that seriously need critical care go misdiagnosed in cities with idiot doctors and pretentious hospital staff, it was a hospital staff member that told me of the reason they don’t treat with IV anti-biotics anymore because of fear of the walking dead, thanks to him I was informed, he told me in confidence not to lose his job which he was growing to hate because of the pretentiousness so he shall remain nameless, it was another disgruntled female employee who slipped me the information that I had Gram Negative Rods too. I assumed I had Staph which is a member of Gram Negative Rods but it was Staph and Scabies from the dingy puppy I was friends with while visiting a friend. All which are cured with vancomycin IV.

You can die from staph as it goes straight to your heart and kills you from the blood poisoning (Sepsis) which necrotizes your heart within 24 hours of having blood borne bacteria, all cured with IV Vancomycin. Once again all curable and these bacteria are not typically adaptable.

What this all shows is an oncoming apocalypse caused by inadequate medical care generated by inept medical professionals with inadequate training. This doomed future where the Doctors claim to know it all but don’t is inevitable but at least you are better informed that your medical care professionals are not doing their job. It has been noted as well bv private practitioners and NOT resident clinicians that the lab technicians are performing severely below recommended standards (like a fast food employee who grossly and dangerously under cooks your food, routinely), and that you may be severely misdiagnosed in these progressive/pretentious cities by one of the worst type of employees to be lazy.

The best solution although it may be difficult and arduous for some, would be to find a very trustworthy Primary Care Physician, who demands particular admissions from hospitals, as well as heavily scrutinizes the lab results you are given, basically you cannot trust an ER Clinician or Nursing Staff as they are about the income and not about the patient quality of care, this country is becoming third world with it’s lack of care.

Ask your Primary Care Doctor if he religiously follows what is known as the Physician’s Code of Conduct, even if they claim it is outdated that is an error within itself, The Physician’s Code of Conduct may be a slightly outdated but it is a fundamental teaching that prefers humanitarianism in lieu of profit, it ensures they are looking out for your health over the money in their pockets, it is like a musician that cares about making music, not about the profit.

In closing it is horrible that we as a nation are so greedy, there needs to be an alteration to the collective consciousness, through a dictatorship or something to sternly guide people to act and behave a certain way, fear seems to be the best way to correct behavior on the Fast track, it doesn’t matter an opinion that differs to this philosophy because what does that say about that opinion? that they prefer a pretentious and greedy society instead of a well-behaved humanitarian populace? I think that is the wrong way, however; now you are more well informed about what lies you could be being told by someone you thought you could trust pertaining to the most important thing in your mind, your health.


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