Misdiagnosis – Murder

The Medical Industry is powered by greed in some cities. I can attest for misdiagnosis in South Florida, Miami-dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties that is fueled by the doctoral need for greed and money over quality patient care, Misdiagnosis is also critical, and fueled by the pretentious progressive city desire for the attainment of … Continue reading

Being Insulin Dependent.
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Being Insulin Dependent.

Anyone non-diabetic may wonder what it is to be diabetic, well here’s the answer from a Diabetic. Hyperglycemia (How it feels) Hypoglycemia (How it feels) Insulin Variable Immuno-compromisation (Comparison to AIDS) The KNOWN types The rare unknown type Hyperglycemia (How it feels) Hyperglycemia means high blood glucose levels measured at milligrams per milliliter contained in Blood … Continue reading